Smart Solutions for Corrections

Corrisoft is a technology and services provider delivering advanced technology solutions that support community supervision agencies in their efforts to facilitate the broad set of re-entry and rehabilitation services.

Agencies Served

Drug/Veterans Courts
Adult/Juvenile Supervision

AIR™ Program

One platform for
graduated accountability

Case Management

Customized for
criminal justice agencies

Agencies Served

Corrisoft’s Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation (AIR™) and Informer products both provide smartphone-based solutions and case management tools.  Each serves to help specialty courts and community supervision agencies better interact with clients and more efficiently facilitate support services.

  • Drug/DUI courts
  • Veterans courts
  • Adult probation
  • Work Release
  • Juvenile supervision
  • Pretrial services
  • Parole
  • Child Support

AIR™ Program

The AIR program offers a spectrum of solutions to help agencies deliver graduated levels of accountability in order to better manage a client’s progress through the program phases.  AIR’s smartphone-based offerings serve as tools the clients can use to manage scheduling and other daily behaviors.

  • Smartphone with use controls
  • Downloadable app offering
  • Contact clients any time
  • Electronic scheduling
  • Virtual home visits
  • Push court reminders

Case Management

Informer, Corrisoft’s case management solution, is an end-to-end business process solution delivering criminal justice agencies a range of automated data collection tools, agency-specific case management programs, and real-time reporting capabilities.

  • Probation
  • Community Corrections
  • Work Release Center
  • Alcohol and Drug Center
  • Drug Court
  • Detention Center

"Successful reentry initiatives are in the interest of inmates, correctional staff and the wider community. While prisons will always need to be disciplined, controlled environments, Hood believes it’s about striking a balance. "ow.ly/Fq2g30ksM3Y

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