AIR offers a spectrum of smartphone-based solutions that help community supervision agencies drive better outcomes

Smart Solutions for Corrections

Corrisoft is a technology and services provider delivering advanced technology solutions that support community supervision agencies in their efforts to facilitate the broad set of reentry and rehabilitation services.

Agencies Served

Drug/Veterans Courts
Adult/Juvenile Supervision

AIR™ Program

One platform for
graduated accountability

Case Management

Customized for
criminal justice agencies

Agencies Served

Corrisoft’s Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation (AIR™) and Informer products both provide smartphone-based solutions and case management tools.  Each serves to help specialty courts and community supervision agencies better interact with clients and more efficiently facilitate support services.

  • Drug/DUI courts
  • Veterans courts
  • Adult probation
  • Work Release
  • Juvenile supervision
  • Pretrial services
  • Parole
  • Child Support

AIR™ Program

The AIR program offers a spectrum of field supervision solutions to help agencies deliver graduated levels of accountability in order to better manage a client’s progress through the program phases.  AIR’s smartphone-based offerings also serve as tools the clients can use to manage scheduling and other daily behaviors.

  • Smartphone with use controls
  • Downloadable app offering
  • Contact clients any time
  • Electronic scheduling
  • Virtual home visits
  • Push court reminders

Case Management

Informer, Corrisoft’s case management solution, is an end-to-end business process solution delivering criminal justice agencies a range of automated data collection tools, agency-specific case management programs, and real-time reporting capabilities.

  • Probation
  • Community Corrections
  • Work Release Center
  • Alcohol and Drug Center
  • Drug Court
  • Detention Center

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