Enhanced Community Supervision

Corrisoft’s AIR program is a smartphone-based community supervision solution that provides agencies with unparalleled access to their clients

Corrisoft's AIR™ Program

Corrisoft’s Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation (AIR) program features a customized smartphone and web-based management platform that work together to make it far easier for agencies to engage clients, deliver support services, and manage client activity.

Immediate Communication

With the AIR program, clients get a customized smartphone, which means agencies can always get in contact with participants at any time. Simply call, text, or e-mail participants whenever you need to verify location, send a reminder, or manage behavior.


Virtual Home Visit

Instead of conducting time consuming and potentially dangerous home visits, supervising officers can instruct offenders to use their smartphone camera to verify location or take a selfie.

Multi-Channel Communication

Tired of dealing with excuses? With one push of a button, officers can send a text or e-mail to their entire caseload and know exactly when the message was opened or viewed.

Proactive Engagement

With AIR, you can contact a participant before a problem arises and always make sure clients are where they need to be, when they need to be there.


Improved Schedule Compliance

Corrisoft’s AIR program simplifies efforts to manage client activity, and the use of smartphone technology makes it easier to deliver critical support services. Better communication means better outcomes.

Accountable Scheduling

The AIR program makes it possible for clients to submit their weekly schedule through the smartphone, and officers can instantly review and approve any requests.

Accessible Resources

By leveraging smartphone technology, AIR enables agencies to more efficiently deliver services and support resources.

More Than Just An App

Corrisoft’s AIR Mobile Connect is a comprehensive solution that includes a customized smartphone, the accompanying wireless/data plan and any ongoing maintenance.