Driving Better Outcomes

Corrisoft’s AIR program makes it easier for specialty courts to communicate with their clients.

AIR™ for Specialty Courts

AIR uses smartphone technology to merge support services with activity management, which not only enables specialty courts to better support their clients but also helps remove the barriers that hinder a participant’s successful re-entry back into society.

Better Outcomes

AIR’s unique client-focused approach improves an agency’s ability to facilitate rehabilitation services, which leads to participants who are more engaged and better positioned for successful outcomes

AIR for Specialty Programs

Problem-Solving Courts

The AIR program make it far easier for case managers and supervision officers to engage clients and drive better outcomes.


Child Support Compliance

AIR removes the barriers that impede a noncustodial parent’s ability to pay child support and provides the accountability necessary to modify behavior.

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Veterans Court

Corrisoft’s AIR Mobile Connect serves as a powerful tool connecting participants to agency resources as well as a means to enforce and validate compliance.