What agencies are a good fit for Corrisoft accountability technologies?


With a variety of agency programs and the different practices and goals that come with them, finding the perfect monitoring system that fits all participants and programs can be a challenge. Each agency wants to ensure that the programming solution they select will improve participant outcomes and best serve their monitoring professionals.

At Corrisoft, we aim to provide community correction agencies and reentry correction systems with superior monitoring tools that facilitate positive participant outcomes and strengthen communities. Curious to know if your agency would find success with Corrisoft? We have a few ideas to help you figure out if your agency is a good fit for our smartphone technology program.


Is your agency looking for integrated, personalized care?

Our smartphone monitoring application and product line can be personalized to each agency based on your requirements and specific needs. We understand that every agency is different and that each of your participants is on their own unique path. That’s why we designed our approach to meet participants where they are and walk with them on a path toward recovery.

The CorrisoftAIR program allows for unique and effective rehabilitation that will last. Your agency system is a good fit for our AIR approach if you’re looking to add genuine and dignified care to your corrections system.


Is your system focused on rehabilitation?

Providing people-focused rehabilitation tools is the core of our CorrisoftAIR approach. With this in mind, we are always seeking new ideas and integrating new features into our platform. We believe that participant rehabilitation happens when agencies are equipped with the tools they need to monitor participants accurately and have access to a variety of intervention resources. 

Our program is equipped with features like reminder calendar events for court appearances, two-way video chat for remote communications and virtual visits, telehealth services and multi-level communication such as text, email and phone calls to improve participant activity and overall rehabilitation.


Is your system working to prevent recidivism by supporting participant success?

Corrisoft is helping communities and corrections agencies break the cycle of recidivism by harnessing technology and focusing on success. We’ve seen amazing success across various agencies in fewer jail sanctions and positive urine analysis, agency efficiency, program graduation rates, court appearance rates, compliance rates and more. These successes prove that our AIR approach is building better futures for participants and reducing communities’ recidivism rates.

If your agency is looking to support participant success and prevent the relapse of unfavorable behavior – you’re a great fit for CorrisoftAIR.


Community corrections agencies are here to build better communities and help participants on the path toward recovery. Our smart technology solutions aid all systems in building that path and streamlining corrections operations, so that every individual in your system feels supported with the proper tools they need.