Building personal responsibility through monitoring programming

To live in a society that promotes personal freedoms, we must all take responsibility for our actions and make choices that align with our community’s laws. We have the freedom to leave our homes and drive to the store, but with that freedom, we have traffic laws to obey. We can’t just grab items off of the shelves and walk out – we instead go through the checkout and pay for the goods. We all navigate social and legal frameworks to keep each other safe and secure.

For many reasons, people deviate from the law. In those instances, our criminal justice system intervenes. Ideally, prison and other punitive legal actions would help people become responsible for their actions so they can consciously make better choices not only for themselves but for our community, especially when their offenses are nonviolent. However, many available resources and programs prioritize punishment. 

There are solutions available that help participants build personal responsibility with the goal of reducing future offenses and creating healthier communities. Corrisoft AIR is one of these programs. Through a layered approach that considers the needs of each participant and their support agencies, our products and services promote rehabilitation and behavioral change. Here’s how:

We allow agencies to customize in ways that were previously impossible.

Helping people develop an inherent sense of personal responsibility is not a slight against the person’s character, background or upbringing. Rather, it’s a call for agencies to recognize the unique situations that lead people to commit offenses in the first place. Addiction, poverty, abuse and other challenging life circumstances drive people to commit crime, and understanding those circumstances helps agencies build a customized plan for each person. 

With technology like Corrisoft AIR, agencies can more seamlessly adapt programming to fit the individual instead of forcing the individual to comply with a standardized plan. From providing access to essential resources, to creating a one-stop communication access point, our devices and software personalize corrections programming. 

Corrisoft’s software and hardware are tools for success. 

Having a customized plan is only effective if people have the tools they need to work within the system. Corrisoft AIR’s smartphone device is a physical lifeline for program participants who would not otherwise have access to a communication device. Not only can participants connect with their agency support partner, they can make arrangements for job interviews, talk through challenges with loved ones and friends, and generally build strong connections that will support responsible decision making in the future. 

Our accountability spectrum builds trust. 

Learning new behaviors is a journey, and personal responsibility is no different. With Corrisoft AIR’s varied tools, agencies can work along an accountability spectrum. In the beginning, participants can have more steady support and physical monitoring equipment – like traditional ankle monitors – with more frequent touchpoints from agency staff. As they demonstrate growth and program compliance, layers of Corrisoft AIR can be peeled away until the participant graduates the program entirely. This staged approach not only helps participants build strong decision-making skills, but also builds trust between agencies and participants. 

We build two-way communication channels – because life happens.

An important part of being responsible is understanding the implications of your actions. If you don’t comply with your program parameters, you could face additional consequences. But life happens. You know how challenging it is to get to work on time when you wake up to a sick baby. If a condition of your program compliance is maintaining steady work without missing shifts, and two-way communication is not available, participants are immediately breaking their program parameters to care for their child. With Corrisoft AIR’s smartphone-based programming, participants can talk with their agency partner about life circumstances that create challenges for program compliance. This in and of itself builds personal responsibility – demonstrating participants understand how their life circumstances impact their program and are taking steps to stay in alignment with programming. 

Community reentry and rehabilitation is a journey – one that people involved with the criminal justice system cannot embark upon alone. Agencies need tools and resources to manage their participant roster, and thanks to technology like Corrisoft AIR, solutions are available. If your agency wants to play an active role in supporting personal responsibility growth among its participants, reach out to Corrisoft today.