AIR Spectrum

The AIR program offers a spectrum of solutions to help agencies deliver graduated levels of accountability. Having multiple compliance enforcement options makes it easy for agencies to better manage a client’s progress through the program phases. Specifically, AIR provides multiple tools that all work on the same management platform, which affords agencies the ability to administer the appropriate level of accountability for every phase of a supervised term.

Corrisoft’s AIR program makes it easier for agencies to provide participants with the tools, resources, and support programs necessary to help remove many of the barriers that hinder a client’s successful reentry back into society. AIR not only helps remove excuses but also empowers clients to be more accountable for their own success.

In order to provide agencies with a cohesive spectrum of solutions, AIR relies on six industry-leading products: AIR Mobile, AIR Connect, AIR Supervisor App, AIR Check-In App, AIR Dashboard, and AIR Support. All six products operate on the same web-based management platform and work together to make it easier for agencies to engage clients, deliver support services, and manage activity. From a smartphone with user-control features that provide continuous location services to a remote reporting app the client downloads to their own phone, AIR offers a spectrum of solutions that form one of the industry’s most comprehensive supervision systems.

  • Continuous location monitoring capabilities
  • Reliable, multi-level client communication channels
  • Remote self-reporting and appointment reminders
  • Ongoing activity and calendar management

Corrisoft is a technology and services provider delivering advanced technology solutions that support community supervision agencies in their efforts to facilitate the broad set of reentry and rehabilitation services. Corrisoft’s Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation (AIR™) program provides a spectrum of smartphone-based communication solutions to help specialty courts and community supervision agencies better interact with clients and more efficiently facilitate support services. Based in Kentucky, Corrisoft serves agencies throughout the U.S. and Mexico.