What does Corrisoft’s reentry program look like?

Successful reentry programs give participants opportunities to support themselves, which reduces recidivism and improves public safety. However, every program participant requires different levels of guidance throughout the process. At Corrisoft, our users help their communities by utilizing our tools to create individually designed pathways toward societal reentry. 


“Corrisoft gives us the opportunity to provide a modern necessity to our clients during their reentry period. As a provider of reentry services, Corrisoft also assists us in meeting contractual requirements while addressing the needs of our clients.” – Joe Miller, director of Pioneer Human Services, WA.


Corrisoft AIR offers agencies the ability to provide the appropriate level of accountability for each phase of their program. Clients have varying needs – the AIR program offers a solution to match. Below, we outline three aspects of our reentry program you need to know before getting started.


Corrisoft’s reentry program uses graduated smartphone features throughout the community reentry process. 

With the AIR program, clients can receive a smartphone or a smartphone-based application that is equipped with user control features. Participants can receive reminder calendar events for court appearances, use two-way video chat for remote communications and virtual visits, access telehealth services and use multi-level communication such as text, email and phone calls to improve activity and support overall rehabilitation.


Participants start with highly monitored settings and graduate to minimal monitoring. 

At Corrisoft, our ultimate goal is to offer reliable, multi-level support services, which work to improve overall compliance and help clients experience successful outcomes. This often takes a phased approach. For clients needing more intense supervision, agencies can use the AIR Mobile with the AIR Connect (traditional ankle monitor) to deliver maximum accountability. As clients earn more trust, agencies can just use the AIR Mobile smartphone or even have them use the AIR Check-In app from their own smartphone.


Participants receive positive reinforcements that guide them in making better decisions.

One of the most powerful and effective methods to encourage good behavior is positive reinforcement. To make impactful changes, participants need a clear idea of what positive behavior is expected as a part of their program and to have that behavior reinforced when they actively engage. When participants know what’s expected of them and are uplifted when they meet those expectations, they are much more likely to actively engage with their programming. Our motivational tools make successful completion rates achievable. 


At Corrisoft, our goal is to make successful rehabilitation and reentry a reality. Are you ready to rethink your agency’s monitoring program? We could be the solution for you.