The importance of accessible communication in monitoring programming

Traditional ankle monitors and other forms of GPS monitoring equipment still play a role in modern monitoring programming. These devices deliver critical information to agencies that can help them ensure compliance among their participant base. The problem with this form of communication is that it is one-sided and limited. Agencies receive information, but they have no way to reliably deliver messages to participants and participants have no way to readily respond. 

Accessible and reliable communication between participants and agencies is proven to promote participant success. By combining traditional monitoring devices with smartphones and smartphone-based applications, agencies can still meet their monitoring requirements while adding a layer of connectivity. This critical addition to monitoring programming can revolutionize the way agencies, treatment courts and pretrial organizations manage their caseloads. 

By using Corrisoft AIR to communicate with participants, agencies across the country are keeping participants out of jail, maintaining community safety and seeing increased graduation rates. Communication available through our software and hardware is a major contributor to that success. Here are three reasons why. 

Using smartphones provides reliable access to communication technology. 

By providing smartphones to participants who do not have continual access to a phone, and by leveraging smartphone-based applications for those who do, Corrisoft’s agency partners are creating a reliable channel of two-way communication. They no longer depend upon participants to provide resources they may not be able to afford. Instead, they can provide materials, creating equal access to service, that make connection simple. Because all of the outreach is done through smartphones, there is little to no stigma associated with the device. Participants can feel empowered to take calls from their agency partner while they’re out with family and friends, knowing that their monitoring programming status is not fully on display. 

A caseload management portal streamlines communication for agencies. 

Personalized outreach to individuals about regularly scheduled programming components – like court dates and randomized drug screenings – can be a logistical nightmare for agency employees working a large caseload. Using Corrisoft’s one-stop agency communication portal, many of the predictable elements can be automated, taking administrative tasks off of a case manager’s list. This frees up their time to have meaningful meetings with participants either in person or using the smartphone video and teleconferencing options. 

Communication builds personal accountability. 

For participants, having access to their agency partner on a regular basis promotes personal responsibility. When participants know what’s expected of them, have reminders about what’s required for program compliance, and can access resources that are designed to help them succeed, they are much more likely to actively engage with their programming. If they have to deviate from their plan – say they can’t make it to work on time because their child is sick – they can communicate this update with their officer in real time. This promotes proactive outreach, which builds trust and supports the development of personal accountability.