The Corrisoft AIR Approach

Innovation is often correlated with technology – which makes sense in a world where new devices and systems are rolled out on a nearly daily basis. But in reality, the physical piece of technology or software is only the beginning. True innovation requires the desire to rethink the way we do things, and to use technological advancements to correct long-standing problems and injustices.

Traditionally in America, the undercurrent running through the criminal justice system has been one of punishment and sanctioning for crimes. But slowly over time, innovative leaders within the space have been challenging this concept, and started pushing toward new ways of operation that create a more humane and just system. 

Corrisoft is one of those thought leaders. We’ve applied our expertise in technological development to the idea that the justice system can work with and for its participants, ultimately choosing rehabilitation over punishment and hence strengthening communities. This process led to the development of Corrisoft’s Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation approach, or Corrisoft AIR. There are several factors that make the Corrisoft AIR approach an effective and empathetic way to practice participant rehabilitation and improve the effectiveness of community corrections

Customization for each participant’s unique needs – one interface for supervisors 

Just as every patient needs a different course of care when they visit a physician, participants in community corrections programs need a unique support plan. Corrisoft’s AIR approach is flexible and allows agency partners to modify and customize accountability and support features to meet the needs of each participant, including location verification. At the same time, the agency interface is a one-stop shop for case managers, probation officers, and court supervisors, providing seamless access to all of the participants on their caseload, no matter their unique plan. This interface is accessible on the web and through the AIR Supervisor app, meaning connection with your participants is never more than one click away. Supervisors can easily communicate with participants, schedule meetings, send reminders, provide links to job opportunities and much more from one easy-to-access location.

Graduated accountability

The ultimate goal of the Corrisoft AIR approach is to keep participants out of jail/prison and on the path toward successful community reentry. We believe the best way to do this –  for both the participant and community corrections agencies – is through a graduated approach to supervised accountability. See an example of our phased approach here. 

In the beginning, Corrisoft’s AIR smartphone is paired with a Bluetooth tether to ensure the participant has the phone with them as they move throughout their life. The smartphone’s features can be adjusted to fit with the requirements of the participant’s supervision needs or program requirements. Once trust is built, the participant restrictions are reduced, and the tether is no longer needed. The smartphone features can be adjusted for decreased restrictions, but the agency can rest assured that the participant is still accessible and able to follow the guidelines of their specific program. In the last phase, participants use a smartphone app on their personal phone to connect with the agency. 

Corrisoft AIR’s graduated accountability model leverages smartphone-based communication solutions to meet the needs of participants and agencies. These technologies allow participants and support professionals to flow through levels of accountability, building trust and rapport as the participant progresses through each phase. Simultaneously, the use of smartphone technology allows participants to engage with the community in a more discrete and destigmatized manner, helping them achieve goals like obtaining employment.

Increased communication for improved outcomes

A major challenge for agencies when supporting program participants is reliable connectivity. Corrisoft’s AIR approach allows for increased two-way communication between participants and agencies, which is shown to improve participant outcomes. Because the smartphone is provided, agencies no longer have to worry about the participants’ ability to maintain a consistent form of communication – and if a participant needs support, the Corrisoft Supervisor app allows for a real-time touch point with a support professional. 

Ultimately, the Corrisoft AIR approach is much more than a smartphone-based monitoring program – it is a new way of imagining the way we support our neighbors and communities. Agencies and participants can chart a better path together, one that promotes personal accountability and dignity. If you want to learn more about how your agency could benefit from the Corrisoft AIR approach, contact us today.