Informer is a complete case management system that consolidates offender and agency information into a single, centralized software package. Informer allows users to build and distribute customized reports to any number of specified departments or agencies.

A Collaborative Solution

Comprehensive Services

  • Offender data and agency case file data all in one place
  • Instantly access and update real-time data
  • Partner agencies can access and use the same data
  • Automatic report updates to meet changes in state requirements
  • Integration with drug testing labs
  • Ongoing Customer Support
  • Onsite Product Training
  • Contracted Training Services

Agency Level Customization

We understand each individual agency has their own processes and requirements. While out-of-the-box software often ignores specialized local needs and the mandated requirements, Informer scales easily in order to provide customized configurations to meet the needs of each individual agency.

» Probation
» Combined Program
» Community Corrections
» Juvenile Detention Center
» Problem-Solving Courts

Providing a Complete Picture

Informer offers several data-specific management tools that can be added as part of most modules.  From financials to rehabilitation plans, the ability to properly house numerous types of data sets means agencies can get the complete picture of each case.

» Case Financials
» Drug Test Import
» Risk Assessment Plan

Innovative Services Plug-ins

Informer offers a host of innovative service-based solutions designed to automate data collection and processing efforts. Specifically designed as extensions for Informer, the offerings use the latest technology to automate data input from the field and directly feed the collected information into Informer. In addition, Informer can organize and present data for customer-facing displays.

» Verify - Field Visit Data Collection
» Digital Fingerprint Check-In
» Work Release Scheduler