More than Case Management

Corrisoft's Informer is a business process tool that automates data collection and enables multi-agency collaboration

Corrisoft Case Management

Corrisoft's case management offering, Informer, is an end-to-end business process solution delivering criminal justice agencies a range of automated data collection tools, agency-specific case management programs, and real-time reporting capabilities.

Agency-Specific Interface. One Data Source.

Informer provides agencies with customized case file configurations that connect to a centralized database. This allows multiple agencies to build customized reports using shared data.

Agency Specific

Case Financials

With Informer agencies can track and report financial statistics for individual case files including amount owed, rate of collection, receipt reports, and collections reports.

Drug Test Import

Informer can integrate with a drug testing vendor’s database in order to automatically import drug test results. Agencies set the import frequency, and the appropriate case files get updated routinely.

Risk Assessment Plan

Informer makes it easy for agencies to record an offender’s risk assessment information and build the appropriate case plan to document objectives, outline techniques, and track milestones.


Advanced data collection. Better case management.

Informer delivers criminal justice agencies a range of automated data collection tools. Built to capture, house, and display information unique to the justice community, Informer can meet a wide range of data processing needs.

Verify – Field Visit Data Collection

Officers can use the Verify smartphone app to scan a bar code and record their activity. Verify uses three distinct bar codes to indicate an in-home visit, face-to-face visit, or an absent client.

Digital Fingerprint Check-in

Upon arriving for an appointment, offenders simply submit a fingerprint scan to complete the sign-in process. The system automatically sends the case manager an e-mail alerting them of the client's arrival.

Work Release Scheduler

Users enter the residents’ work and appointment schedules, including recurring schedules. The program organizes the data using a color code, making it easy to view all scheduled releases and returns.