A phased approach

AIR affords agencies with the ability to provide the appropriate level of accountability for each phase of their program. Clients have different needs, and, regardless of your caseload's diversity, the AIR program offers a solution to match.

Graduated Accountability

The AIR program offers leading-edge community supervision technology that makes it easy for agencies to institute graduated sanctions. For clients needing more intense supervision, agencies can use the AIR Mobile with the AIR Connect to deliver maximum accountability. As clients earn more trust, agencies can just use the AIR Mobile smartphone or even have them use the AIR Check-In app from their own smartphone.

  • Continuous location monitoring capabilities
  • Reliable, multi-level client communication channels
  • Remote self-reporting and appointment reminders
  • Ongoing activity and calendar management

Continuous Location Monitoring

Agencies requiring to know where a certain client is at all times can leverage the AIR Mobile with the AIR Connect to deliver maximum accountability.

Consistent Contact

As clients exhibit consistent compliant behavior, agencies can simply use the AIR Mobile smartphone to maintain direct access to clients.

Remote Reporting

Once clients earn more responsibility, they can use the AIR Check-In app on their own smartphone to submit routine updates and receive reminders.