AIR™ Advantages

Corrisoft’s Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation (AIR) program features a customized smartphone that serves as a powerful communication tool and provides highly-accurate location services.

With the AIR program, agencies can provide clients with a smartphone that is equipped with use control features.  This means you can always get in contact with clients at any time.  Simply call, text, or e-mail participants whenever you need to verify location, send a reminder, or manage behavior.

  • Ensure clients have a reliable mode of communication
  • Use smartphone camera for virtual home visits
  • Multi-channel communication - text, e-mail, call
  • Proactive communication - push court/meeting reminders

Corrisoft’s AIR program simplifies efforts to manage client activity, and the use of smartphone technology makes it easier to deliver critical support services.  Better, more frequent communication leads to better outcomes.

  • The client's calendar is on the phone and always accessible
  • Attach automated reminders to any calendar event
  • More easily deliver assistance to improve compliance
  • Phone directly connects clients to support resources

The AIR spectrum of solutions work together to provide a non-punitive approach that supports an agency's primary objectives.  AIR affords agencies with the ability to more easily facilitate individualized client plans while also increasing participant accountability through collaborative support.

  • Focused on facilitating support and resources
  • Provides a non-punitive approach
  • Enhances services delivery for better client engagement
  • Enables more comprehensive activity management

AIR uses the same web-based management tool to manage all of its devices, which means a client's data and case files are housed in the same system during their entire time in the program.  In addition, this greatly simplifies the process of analyzing a client's progress and verifying they are in the appropriate phase.

  • Allows agency to track a client’s level of success
  • Provides relevant data to track success of programs
  • Evidence-based reports clearly show any needed changes
  • Easily share client data among all stakeholders and partners