Corrisoft’s AIR Program is a set of smartphone-based community supervision tools that deliver proactive communication capabilities and enable agencies to more efficiently facilitate support resources.


Corrisoft’s Alternative to Incarceration via Rehabilitation (AIR) program is a spectrum of advanced smartphone-based solutions designed to help problem-solving courts and community supervision agencies manage client activity, deliver support services, and drive successful outcomes. Specifically, AIR provides multiple solutions that all work on the same management platform which affords agencies the ability to administer the appropriate level of accountability for every phase of a supervised term.

In order to provide agencies with a cohesive spectrum of community supervision tools, AIR relies on six industry-leading products: AIR Mobile, AIR ConnectAIR Supervisor App, AIR Check-In AppAIR Dashboard, and AIR Support. From a smartphone with use-control features that provides continuous location services to a remote check-in app the client downloads to their own phone, AIR offers a spectrum of solutions that form one of the industry’s most comprehensive supervision systems.

Interested in learning more about what considerations you need to take into account when determing whether or not to use a third party owned phone, like the AIR, or a bring your own device (BYOD) option, like the AIR Check-in App?  Click this link to view a document that clearly outlines the primary differences between the two solutions.

AIR™ Mobile

AIR Mobile is a customized smartphone carried by the client, and the phone’s control features ensure clients always have a working mode of communication.  With AIR Mobile, agencies can expect to consistently reach their clients in order to keep them accountable for meeting the program’s terms.  Corrisoft provides the client phones as well as maintains all wireless and data plans.

  • Enables agencies to proactively engage clients
  • The smartphone camera affords virtual field visit capabilities
  • Gives clients instant access to their supervising agent, agency resources, and release terms

AIR™ Connect

AIR Connect is an optional tool within the AIR spectrum of solutions designed to increase client accountability. AIR Connect is a small, lightweight, tamper-proof tether that pairs with AIR Mobile to ensure the phone is with the client at all times.  By using AIR Mobile and AIR Connect together, it provides maximum client accountability and removes any excuse for violating their terms and conditions.

  • Increases the level of supervision
  • Enables advanced location tracking with zones
  • Allows agencies to use one system for graduated sanctions

AIR™ Supervisor App

The AIR Supervisor App is a standard AIR program offering, and it is included at no additional charge.  Supervising officers can download the Supervisor App in order to get full monitoring and reporting capabilities on their own phone.

  • Provides one-touch direct access to clients
  • Access and review the participant’s calendar
  • View client profile and real-time location

AIR™ Check-In App

The AIR Check-In app is a remote check-in smartphone application that clients download to their personal Apple or Android smartphone.  Agencies manage the check-in app through the AIR Dashboard, and it serves as a cost-effective way to administer remote reporting for low-risk clients.

  • Check-in questionnaire which can be customized
  • Multiple authentication methods – picture, signature, PIN, fingerprint
  • Automate appointment and court reminders
  • Each check-in includes GPS point


CheckBAC is a Bluetooth® enabled, fuel-cell breathalyzer that works in conjunction with an app preloaded on to the AIR Mobile Smartphone.

With the CheckBAC app now on the AIR Mobile smartphone, agencies can experience 24/7 location monitoring and alcohol monitoring together on one platform.

  • Pairs to the AIR Mobile smartphone via Bluetooth connection
  • Video and audio recording of each test with facial recognition
  • GPS point of the test location
  • Ability to set test schedule, randomized schedule, and on-demand tests

AIR™ Dashboard

The AIR Dashboard is the web-based management platform used to manage all of the AIR program’s devices.  It is included with every AIR offering and provides case management tools, real-time GPS tracking statistics, and client calendar management.

  • Utilizes exception based approach – only displays critical information
  • Real-time location of multiple clients on one map
  • Display’s a client’s profile, calendar, activity data, and real-time location

AIR™ Support

AIR Support is Corrisoft’s in-house, around-the-clock call center that provides agencies with monitoring center intervention (MCI) services.  With MCI, specially trained AIR Support Agents serve as an intermediary between agencies and their clients and proactively address a wide range of routine, non-emergency activity notifications.

  • Can serve as your agency’s 24/7 monitoring center
  • Designed to serve as a resource to clients
  • Provides 24/7 device and system technical support
  • Agents can proactively contact clients based on flexible protocols