Driving Better Outcomes

Corrisoft’s AIR program makes it easier for specialty courts and supervision agencies to interact with their clients.

AIR™ for Supervision Programs

AIR uses smartphone technology to merge support services with activity management, which enables agencies to better support their clients through each program phase and helps them remove the barriers that hinder a client’s successful re-entry.

Better Support

AIR’s unique client-focused approach improves an agency’s ability to facilitate rehabilitation services, which leads to participants who are more engaged and better positioned for successful outcomes

AIR for Specialty Programs

Drug/DUI Court

The AIR program make it far easier for case managers and supervision officers to engage clients and drive better outcomes.


Juvenile Supervision

AIR is ideal for juvenile programs
since youth prefer
communicating through

dog tags

Veterans Court

AIR spectrum of solutions help connect veterans to support resources while also serving as a means for agencies to enforce and validate compliance.


Enhanced Supervision

Corrisoft’s AIR program is a set of smartphone-based community supervision solutions that provides agencies with unparalleled access to their clients.


The AIR Mobile Connect system features a customized smartphone
that ensures probation agencies
can consistently communicate
with clients.

Pre-trial Programs

The AIR check-in app makes it possible for pre-trial programs to have clients submit weekly and monthly questionnaires remotely from their own personal smartphone.


AIR ensures consistent communication by providing clients with a customized smartphone and the accompanying wireless/data plan plus any ongoing maintenance.